Big Bling: Big Is Definitely Beautiful When It Comes To Diamond Rings

If you want to play it safe, there is always an abundance of traditional diamond rings to cast an appreciate eye over. These sparkling, twinkling bands, which range from the engagement solitaire through to the eternity wedding ring, with the odd three or five stone ring thrown in for good measure, are the staples of many a jewellers collection. They are used to mark occasions, celebrate anniversaries, seal promises or project feelings of love, and have only continued to grow in popularity as styles evolve and new materials come into use, so offer up a much wider choice then ever before.

However if you are looking for rings with a little more wow factor you need to delve a little deeper. Lurking behind the rows of regular gleaming treats are ring designs to make your mind pop. Thing big, think bold, think out and out decadence and you are part way to understanding the appeal of these relatively exotic jewellery offerings. For sheer glamour, nothing says star quality like a pave set ring. The virtual wall of diamonds that go to create these charismatic rings is created by small rows of the precious stones, held in place with beads of metal. Very little of the gold or platinum shows and creates an effect that looks like a cobblestone road, hence the name pave which is french for paved.

These fashions are not just for the extroverts amongst you though, even the faint at heart can radiate and shine with a gold pave ring. Although they are frequently perceived as large rings, the intricacy of the design and the small size of the diamonds creates rings that are comfortable to wear and more brilliant then brash. They prove that big jewellery does not have to be intimidating or have prices that are equally as terrifying. As with any style, the cost of a pave diamond ring varies from the sublime to the ridiculous but it is possible to find many wonderful examples for well under 500 pounds, especially if you look online.

However, for those looking for something a little more extravagant, then fancy gold rings may provide a little more excitement. It is within this particular jewellery sphere that the heart rings and star rings are located and all other manner of wonderful and fanciful designs. From the simply spectacular to the quintessentially quirky, this is where you find the rings that have just a little touch of showmanship and a big dollop of personality. These are talking pieces and jewellery to be remembered by, which offer style and panache but with a contemporary, fresh twist.

These fabulous, big rings come in both yellow gold and white gold and incorporate just about every setting imaginable from pave and rub-over to channel rings and bezel rings. Such audacious, eye-catching designs mean that they can be used not only to brighten up an outfit but add an extra dimension to an ensemble. They make fabulous gifts because they tend to bring so much joy and go on to be treasured jewellery pieces for a lifetime to come.

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